VAT Experts In Europe can assist both individuals and companies with a wide range of VAT issues in the European Union, whether you require advice on something complex like Land and Property taxation, or you need structuring and calculations for VAT in the travel industry, we provide a custom-built package to suit your requirements.

As a member of the Accountancy in group, we pride ourselves on our wide knowledge base and experience in the fields of European business and finance.

European VAT

Whether you are a company or an individual operating in the European Union, the way you handle VAT in Europe will have an impact on the way you do business.

Many firms operating in the EU will be paying more VAT than they need to; this may be because they are unfamiliar with local legislation, fall behind in the struggle to keep up with constantly changing laws, or simply because they haven’t got time to investigate the alternatives themselves.

Our EU VAT Services

We provide an inclusive EU VAT consultancy service covering many bases, but we also pinpoint your specific requirements and tailor make each package for every-firm’s and everybody’s set of circumstances.

VAT Health Checks

We have saved clients substantial sums of VAT as a result of these checks:

  • We pinpoint potential heath-check problems before they have the opportunity to cause real financial difficulties
  • This could be an appointment of a couple of hours for a basic health check to provide reassurance, to a 2 or 3 day in-depth examination of VAT records
  • We will review your VAT and Customs duty affairs and accounting arrangements and make recommendations to improve cash flow and generate savings.

EU VAT Refund & Reclaim

Many clients pay more VAT in Europe than they need to.

  • Our specialists can help you identify how and what can be reclaimed of your EU VAT
  • This is often most cost-effective in areas such as exhibitions, conferences, seminars and business travel
  • Our services all you to maximise on your recovery with minimum impact on your resources, guaranteeing you savings

VAT Appeals

We have considerable experience in representing clients at VAT tribunals.

  • We aim to reach agreements with HMRC before a hearing takes place
  • If this is not possible, our clients profit from our appeal management, saving large sums of VAT whilst continuing to run a day-to-day business.

VAT Training

Providing training to staff dealing with areas controlling VAT and customs duty is of paramount importance in making sure issues are dealt with effectively, and efficiently.

  • The bespoke training programs we offer cover a range of areas
  • Additionally, we offer a series of manuals on these topics, meaning education is an ongoing process and the information we deliver becomes something that a client can keep hold of, utilising and reusing as appropriate.

Land & Property VAT

This is one of the most notoriously complex areas of European VAT, and the potentials for saving are enormous, whether planning a new building project or entering into commercial property purchase.

There is no one answer to dealing with issues in this area: our specialists assess your set of circumstances and guide you, giving key advice to help you reduce your VAT cost considerably.

Travel Industry VAT

Yet another area with complex rules, which differ depending on the capacity of the business activity.

We have a significant amount of experience in advising a wide range of businesses in the travel sector, including major tour operators, high street travel agents, business travel agents, and online travel businesses.

International VAT

It is vital that businesses trading cross border in goods and services are aware of the VAT treatment applying to their specific transactions.  

We can provide a wide range of advice and support on both EU and global VAT rules and can help you understand the compliance obligations your business faces when trading cross border, and whether any overseas VAT incurred can be recovered. 





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